Our company was established by Manfred Holek, after he served 10 years as an officer in the Austrian army. Our company is in possession of all necessary governmental licenses as required by Austrian law

  • Observations and investigations
    Discrete observations and investigations in economic as well as private matters
  • People Search
    We determine the location of individuals for you.
  • Personal protection
    by trained English-speaking bodyguards. On request armed with semi-automatic weapons.
    • Luxury limousines

      We offer luxury limousines with chauffeur through our partner company.

    • Helicopter / Plane

      When threatened, travel movements in the air are far safer than travel movements on the ground. Through our close cooperation with an airline, we offer you helicopter flights as well as flights with other aircraft with personal protection.

    • Tap-proof meeting rooms
      You can also rent suitable interception-proof meeting rooms with helipads for discreet meetings. Due to their location, these premises meet the highest safety standards and can also be secured very well.
  • Security Consulting
    We advise you on how to most efficiently secure your home or your company building against burglaries and against home invasion. Usually you need an intelligent combination of electronic and mechanic protection measures. Together with you we work out the optimal security concept for your needs. We also give you a lot of valuable tips to protect your family and your property
  • Listening protection / computer security
    If your office or apartment is being tapped, we will solve the problem. If there is a spyware program on your computer or mobile phone, our specialists will find and eliminate it. Also our specialists will solve the problem, if there is a tracking device on or in your car.
  • Camera surveillance
    For clarification e.G. Of thefts, we install hidden cameras in your premises. On the other hand we are able to find hidden cameras which were installed to surveil you.
  • Vehicle Tracking
    Using GPS trackers, we can determine the location and driving distance of vehicles for you.